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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

nike air force 1 high ( uslu airlines 1 world edition )

now these are a problem.

uslu airlines edition nike air force 1 highs
these were an extremely limited release from april 2009 and i picked them up today

uslu airlines is a cosmetics brand inspired by the world of air transportation.
in fact all of their make-up products are named after airport codes.
feride uslu ( who's job title is pilot ) designed these bad boys for the nike 1 world project
and they were only released in europe, in very limited quantities.

as you can see, these come with a spare set of laces

these are supposed to be reminiscent of the pull chords on parachutes

oh, they also come with a silver key fob with a leather ursu airlines insert

the material used on the shoes is the most beautiful luxurious soft leather.
it's actually aviation grade lightweight flame retardent leather...
like the leather used in first class !

there's an ursu airlines logo stitched into the eye stay and the same logo on the dubres.
the hi-vis pink laces have screw-on silver tips.

the translucent green tongue tab is to resemble the shaded green windows
on most airport control towers...
while the hi-vis yellow tongue is supposed to be like the jackets worn by airport field crews.

the lining of the shoes is made from sheepskin...
the same sheepskin as used on pilot seats in 95% of all cockpits

the straps are uslu airlines branded
and are made from a ribbed material which resembles safety belts.

the colour of the shoe is grey and white, horizontally divided
like a classic airplane.

the swooshes are in 3m reflective leather
similar to the markings on runway vehicles

3 of the 4 swooshes are in white, but the inside left swoosh is...
... in pale pink, with pale pink stitching... the reason ?  
 it's a cosmetics brand and she simply wanted to add a touch of femininity to the shoe.

well... it's quite subtle i suppose.

these are the first pair of air force 1 highs i've ever owned
oh... i guess the duckboots are technically af-1 highs though ?

the sock liners show the entire range of uslu airlines airbrush shades

i honestly think these are one of the most in-depth designed pair of kicks 
in my crate. feride has given each part of the shoe plenty of consideration and
has successfully incorporated many airline details as well as subtle nods towards her brand.
you have to see these and maybe feel them too. they really are a premium shoe.
very tactile too... the soft leather, the nylon tongue, plastic tongue tab, sheepskin
lining, rounded laces with heavy silver tips etc.

hand on heart, these are absolutely the most comfortable af-1's i've ever worn.
hmmm... maybe i'll bring the white laces into play before i hit the streets of n7

but in the kitchen of whitfield towers... you know what they say ?
if you can't stand the heat...

and these are fire !

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