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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

summer footwear

some new fire arrived in n7 last week.
nike air force 1 duck boots... perfect for summer.
ok, they're not for summer but they'll be perfect for winter and they were
on sale... £85 instead of £145

they are basically a duck boot / air force 1 hybrid
rubberised and waterproofed tip and toe box, sail midsole and a vicious outsole.

waxed leather, metal eyelets, waxed laces.
fair enough.

padded warm stuff
and bonus lacing things... oh i don't know.

this is the snuggest warmest thing i've ever put my foot into
apart from gerry's wallet.

i kind of like these
in fact i can't wait for summer to be over then i can wear them.

bring on the cold weather... bring on the snow !
er, ok... where's my medication ?

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