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Thursday, 14 July 2011

shelf 1 ( large )

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, at whitfield towers there are three
loop shelves which were designed by barber osgerby a few years back.

here's a link if you want to buy one ( or two ) from twentytwentyone.

hmmm... it seems that they only make them in two sizes now,
also they don't make them in the white finish any more.

i have a large, medium and a small shelf, all in the white finish.
today i'll show you what nonsense i keep on the large shelf.

here it is...

so, working from the left...
sits a paul frank sock monkey and three bathing ape x g-shocks

on the left of the centre section...
a boxed twin towers model and a few small books.
my favourite being 'labels' by louis de bernieres.

above the books sits
a glass handkerchief bowl thing which was given to me by a friend.
it sat behind the counter for ten years or so in her islington shop,
then when she sold her business she gave it to me as a keepsake.
in the bowl are two futura pointmen from the ica exhibition years ago.

in the centre section to the right of the books are...
a few j-pop cds including a few from the fantastic plastic machine,
pizzicato five, some readymade records compilations and a few
lupin the third soundtracks. essential music !

above the cds
an alarm clock designed by michael sodeau
and customised by my favourite artist... la niƱa.

the right hand section of the loop shelf looks like this
more japanese stuff

in the loop are a few of the artist edition tofu boys
( more of these important pieces / tat are displayed in the small loop shelf too )

and finally, on top of the shelf stands domo-kun
the official mascot of japan's nhk television station

well that's about it. can you wait for me to show you what's on the medium-sized 
shelf in a week or so ? i know... it's exciting stuff.

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