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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

caledonian road street festival

on sunday i took a stroll up the cally to check out the street festival.
it was a decent effort and so crowded that i didn't get to take many photos
before i sought out coffee and scones.

here's something that caught my eye though.
the lady in green appeared to be giving kissing lessons to the local girls.

there was a stall selling sliders which was doing good business.
it had a nice little burger curtain ( although i didn't approve of the green stuff )

good to see the churreria doing a roaring trade too
in a shock move i didn't get involved with the queue for churros... it was just too hot.

finally, i liked what they'd done to freeling street.
it was 'carpeted' with artificial grass and they had  set up a load of screens for the 
public to enjoy the mens tennis final from wimbledon. what a good effort.

cracking dog on the wall too.

nice one caledonian road. top north london festival.

hopefully n7 will step up next year.

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