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Friday, 8 July 2011


remember last year when i told you about a band i used to photograph ?

then i told you when scott from the band came over to whitfield towers
to do a shoot for his new musical project ?

well yesterday afternoon scott called me... he was playing a gig in nw5, 
which for those of you who don't know, is just a few minutes from sunny n7.

i jumped in the jam jar and took along my x100.

here's scott on the streets of nw5
with alice, the keyboard player with the band scott was playing in.
( ok... i've forgotten the band's name )

here's a shot i did of the band... er...
... i think they were called 'suicide ------' but i can't remember the second word.

nice to see scott has got some new trainers... 
adidas superstars... not bad !

scott and alice during soundcheck

alice pretending not to see me

scott adopting bass player pose

... of what might have been.

nice one scott, good to see you again
maybe next time i'll bring my guitar and you can show me the 'f' chord ?

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