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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

nike id's from a few years ago

as you may have noticed with my bespokes:
i'm not a fan of too many swooshes. on my bespokes i chose to leave the tongue tabs
and heel tabs on both pairs completely blank and free from 'nike air' and the swoosh.

designing these dunks a few years ago now there were not many options available. 
( i'm pretty sure i did these in the first week or so that the id studio opened
at niketown oxford circus )
i chose to have the swoosh the same colour as the main body of the shoe
so that from a little distance it would be almost invisible.
my idea was to have them with a similar design to a bowling shoe...
one colour running through the centre and a different colour at the sides.

i used purple coloured lining just to add a subtle detail to the id's
unfortunately white midsoles were the only option at the time, which was a shame.
another shame ( for nike ) was that they made an error on their system and made 
me two pairs of these. i wore one pair for quite a while but i kept these box fresh.

hmmm... maybe i'll get a black sharpie and colour in the nike stitching on the heels ?

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