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Friday, 15 July 2011

get a grip

i had a shoot in south london yesterday ( grrr ! ) and it had to be done outside.
ordinarily i would get my assistant to hold a light for me for this type of job,
but g-fog is away, j-lo too and i couldn't get hold of my girl vendredi.

so, i took a little trip to the flash centre in the morning and bought this...
nice eh ?

this is fig.2
hmmm... can you see where this is going ?

attach the trusty x100 to the base plate

then, on goes the q-flash
the pole that the flash is attached to can be extended by the way.

then the flash syncs to the camera and also gets powered by a battery
and i'm good to go.

unfortunately the place that i was good to go to was in south london, but work
is work and anyway, i really enjoyed debuting this new shooting system.

when the piece has been published, i'll show you some of the results i got from
using this x100 / quantum set-up.

until then, thanks to dave at the flash centre for being top man
and to emily for being south london's next top model.

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