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Sunday, 31 July 2011

restaurant observations

the restaurant i photographed in sw3 the other day was a tricky place.
it looked good, but was quite a challenge to photograph.

when i'd finished shooting interiors on my m9, i quickly rattled off a 
few frames with my trusty gf1, and here they are.

1. the place has this one groovy light 
which casts a warm light onto the one big table... hmmm...

little jars with sprigs of lavender on each table
perfect for nans

if you know what i mean ?
say if there was a prison full of nans

then i reckon lavender would be the currency amongst the prisoners
anyway, this was a really well designed restaurant ( with good coffee )

is it just me or did i get carried away photographing the lav ?
hmmm... maybe just one more shot

for nans everywhere
ok what else did i spot ?

oh, there's my m9 on my tripod at the far end of the place,
with my orange pelikan case on the floor.

and finally...
boom !

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