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Friday, 8 July 2011

ocd ?

i think all men have ocd. seriously to a certain extent we all have it.

but then again not many have it to a degree that when they are stuck in traffic
they look out of their car side window and see something quite symmetrical
and have to wind down the window, reach for a camera, line the car up perfectly 
and take a photo.
and i guess not many people would then look at the photo and get kind of annoyed
that the skylight is not perfectly above the central hand rail.

i mean, the hand rail looks to be dead centre of the passage. why oh why is the skylight not dead centre too ? it strikes me that one side will always be darker than the other.
hmmm... perhaps the left hand side should have another set of lights running along the length of the walkway ? but then that would be two sets on the left and one set of lights on the right and that would look wrong too !

and i bet not many people out there would phone the council to complain about the lack of planning with this walkway and tell them how it could have been made to look more pleasing to the eye...

ok i'm only kidding with the last paragraph... but then again...

er... so... ocd. any thoughts ?


  1. then there is the issue of the 2 signs hanging down. One is central to the lights, the other is central to the handrail. i hope heads rolled over this as it should have been perfectly obvious at multiple stages along the way from conception to the grand unveiling that the whole thing is an utter nightmare. shocking, is it Dalston Junction?

  2. heath,

    thanks for the response. i'm glad it's not just me.

    the eyesore is indeed dalston junction.

    i would give a more detailed reply here but i have to rearrange my display of japanese vinyl figures as some of them have moved a few degrees out of line.

  3. Does ironing money count...? Not that I know anyone who does that...or puts the serial number on the notes in sequential order.

  4. so long as you're not ironing coins then i think you're ok.

    with regard to putting notes in sequential order...
    ... i'm torn between admiring your style and advising you to seek professional help.