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Monday, 18 July 2011

viva mexico !

maybe 4 years ago i visited mexico for the first time.
i stayed in 3 different places. mexico city, oaxaca and playa del carmen.

do you want to see a few of my snapshots ? course you do.

ok, first up flying proudly is the bandera de mexico
one of my top 5 flags of all time. 
did you know, the centre emblem tells the story of how mexico city came to be.

opposite my hotel, the military would raise this flag each morning and i would
put down my ink-like coffee and give what is known as the civil salute.

here's a lad selling ice on a busy street corner in mexcio city
i like his pose.

good times.
good with food, good with beer... i like limes.

same colour as the limes... mexico city taxis
they have some more modern cars, but a lot of the taxis are old beetles.
v stylish.

outstanding watches for sale at a street market
( yes i did )

souvenirs from guadalupe
( yes i did )

more souvenirs here...
see the fellow in the white suit, tie and black moustache ?

well i think this is him too...
i wonder what the story is ?
( and no, i didn't )

a few puppets at another market
batman, spider-man, a power ranger, superman, a ninja turtle and... ?
who'd the fellow to the left of superman ?
john lennon ?

this chap was selling an altogether classier souvenir
blankets, masks, aztec figures.
( i did buy a mexican blanket, but not from this bloke )

there were interesting products for sale in the proper shops too
beautiful packaging on these tins of face cream.

luchador candles
which weren't for sale... they were in a museum.

time for lunch in mexico city
perfect !

luchador masks for sale on the streets of oaxaca
( yes... i bought a few of these bad boys )

also in oaxaca i stopped to admire some local art. paint on a metal sheet.
( yep... i bought this too )

i liked oaxaca very much. it had such style.
it also had a fair amount of decent stencil work on the walls.

mexican rugs and blankets...
what's not to like ?

 hello ladies
it seems like even the baskets and bags have such a beautiful style to them
don't you think ?

this chap selling baskets and things, takes a little nap
which i thought made for an interesting shot.

also in oaxaca i had the best street food of my life
hot plantains with some very nice sauce... ( i think it was condensed milk )

throw your diamonds in the sky
if you feel the vibe.

one last shot from oaxaca
the fruit man taking a break. good-bye oaxaca.

the third part of my trip was a few days at playa del carmen
which was good. they have a nice beach, an amazing trainer shop ( shelter )

and lots of fresh fruit stalls in the evening

it was also perfect for those last minute souvenirs to bring back to n7...
sombreritos !
just the right size for little ted ( and neelie )

adios mexico.


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