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Friday, 29 July 2011

the british museum ( fisheye view )

the british museum is great.

i can't think of much more to say... it's a great museum.

on sunday i took my gf-1 and fisheye lens over for a looky

the view as soon as you enter is pretty impressive
in an old school way

and then you go through and...
... not bad !

the courtyard bit is most impressive
money well spent

inside the museum i found a cabinet with spare toes in it

oh, i liked this lad
i think he was mexican. i don't know what his story is, but i like his belt.

to be honest, the british museum on a sunday is not a great idea...
it was a bit too busy for my liking so i headed out for a coffee.

by the exit i saw the bit where you donate some cash to the museum.
hmmm... that's handy harry !

so i got mrs w to cause a distraction, quickly pulled a wire coathanger and some
blu-tack out of my bag and managed to fish out couple of £20 notes and a £2 coin !

boom !

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