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Saturday, 23 July 2011

on my coffee table this week ( unfortunately )

you know ( i hope ) that i usually only ever put things that i like on my coffee table.
i like to recommend dvds books and cds to you, and i hope that some of you have
followed some of my choices and been glad that you did ?

did anybody out there go and buy 'fish story' on dvd and enjoy it ?

well the other day i started watching a dvd and it was so terrible that i 
thought i'd put it on my table to warn you this week and then i thought i'd
better make the whole post 'the coffee table of shame'

so... here it is...
grrr !

book ( or rather magazine / comic )
er... i'm not sure what it's called or who it's by.
i'll be honest with you... this isn't bad. it's just that i don't have any books that 
i don't like. most of the books i buy i really enjoy and if i don't like them, i get rid.

this is a comic i bought in koh samui. i love thai writing, as i love japanese
and chinese writing too. it was only 5 baht which is about 10p isn't it ?
i can't recommend you buy this or a similar comic if you're looking for something
good to read... but it's quite a nice souvenir to bring home and to leave on a table.

cd: 48 hours in transit by subscript
this isn't horrendous, it's just not as good as the packaging.
i bought this from anewyorkthing in hester street mnhattan.
the cd comes in a silk pouch / envelope kind of thing with a velcro fastener.
the music... well, it's just a bit forgettable.

dvd: norwegian wood
this is the big one... what a load of rubbish !
i have read quite a few murakami books and i can highly recommend them.
i mistakenly thought i'd read 'norwegian wood' and it turns out that i hadn't.
schoolboy error buying this film. no ghosts, no talking cats or time travel.
no parallel universe, just a few japanese teenagers.
angst filled teenagers at that.

if only i'd read some of the dialogue on the dvd cover...
to recap...
if you're looking for a dvd to enjoy and you wander into the world cinema section 
of say hmv or amazon even... go straight past 'norwegian wood' and treat yourself
to a copy of 'fish story' or 'turtles are surprisingly fast swimmers'

back to the good stuff next week !


  1. thanks for the warnings. haven't got to fish story yet.

    how did you find lost and found?

  2. Did he really ask "how did you find lost and found?"?