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Monday, 11 July 2011

on my coffee table this week

oh yes.
it's the usual story.

book: a collection of interviews with patrick mcgrath, by magali falco
i mainly like it because of the stunning photographs used throughout the book.

i also like the acknowledgements page quite a lot

and the author's inscription is not bad too
if you don't know, patrick mcgrath is an author of some note.
i even read one of his books a few years ago... 'asylum' 

cd: extraordinary by dj neil armstrong.
remember i told you how i first heard dj ted shred ? when i was in the stüssy
store on haight street, san francisco ?

well in exactly the same store a few years later i first heard this album.

fast forward a few years and neil armstrong is dj-ing at the white house
for obama and has been jay-z's tour dj 
but when i first heard this he was pretty much unheard of.
if you get a chance to buy this album somewhere you should definitely do it.
he's the all out king after all !

dvd: the ipcress file
an absolute classic and it has one of my favourite all time scenes which ends with
harry palmer saying the words "i like birds best"

genius !

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