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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

how to feed your man at a barbeque... katie style

you've seen how to do it properly, now look how it could all go wrong.

katie decided to get a plate of food for credit while he was operating
the barbeque on saturday night...

what the what ?!... nooooooooooo... not the salad !
shocking behaviour... piling salad onto a man's plate... that's a dealbreaker !

i intercepted her as she took the finished plate to him, to get a shot of the crime scene.
in fairness she did put some meat on the plate but just look at the layout of the thing...
it's all wrong... some of the meat is actually touching the salad things, what a nightmare.

i won't lie, i don't even know what some of that stuff is and i had my camera at arms
length here to take this shot. i just didn't want to get any closer.

i didn't see how this collection went down but i presume the meat was eaten 
and the rest was left on the plate ?


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