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Saturday, 2 July 2011

okayama denim project

on monday this week i saw this:

it seemed like a good idea, using 10oz premium japanese denim and
made in a small family owned denim mill in okayama.
all proceeds to the japanese red cross.

i immediately got on board...

... four days later and a package arrived at whitfield towers
quick work merv !

inside the package
an envelope containing the bracelet, and a letter.

explaining all about the project

the bracelet comes in chopstick-style packaging

mine is number  82
and you know how much i like a numbered edition

here's the bracelet on my wrist

and a view of the underside 
perfect !

so if you fancy helping out a little bit... giving some money to the japanese red cross
and owning a stylish denim bracelet, why not get in touch with the
okayama denim project:

( i ordered on monday evening and it arrived friday morning )

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