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Friday, 3 December 2010

a-ron, a.k.a. the downtown don

as i mentioned earlier, i spotted aaron bondaroff in la colombe the other day.

i left the place a few minutes after him when it got busy, and sat on the bench
outside for a while to put my cameras away properly.
a couple of minutes later a-ron came and sat next to me on the bench.
he asked about my leica and enquired about what i'd been shooting in new york.

he introduced himself and we had a great old chat about anewyorkthing, supreme,
art, photography and the differences and similarities between new york and london.

i asked aaron if i could shoot a quick portrait of him. he said he was notoriously
camera-shy but seeing as i was a fan of anewyorkthing from back in the day...

so here he is. a-ron, a.k.a. the downtown don
sitting outside la colombe, lafayette street, nyc.

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