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Sunday, 26 December 2010

more stüssy iphone pics

i know... it's a cheap post but i wanted to show you these pics.
i now have no problem in recommending the stüssy iphone app
to you. it's a bit fiddly, but it is a good little effort.

have a look at this photo i took on my first visit to new york
the stüssy typeface is great isn't it ?

i know i have shown these pics before, but silly as they are, you could almost
 imagine them being from a stüssy campaign.

how about this pic of my friend sakiko ?

or my top assistant g-fog

here are a few i did of my favourite subject... me !
check me out at the famous pedestrian crossings in shibuya tokyo.

and on the beach in wales

here i am in the criterion, london w1 in my usual pose

and finally a few pics i put through the stüssy app with no real plan
using the speech bubble and whatever came into my head.
pigs on a beach which i spotted in tonga a few years ago

germans on a beach in spain

a bird i saw in koh samui thailand last year

and a building i photographed on xmas day a few years ago in san diego

eat more chips... don't let salad win.

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