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Sunday, 26 December 2010

regents park on xmas day

it has become a bit of a tradition for the whitfields to take a trip to regents park
on xmas day. 
it is the first year i can remember there being snow in the park on xmas day
so my choice of footwear was very important. i went with these...
the eddie cruz eastern pack nike air force 1's in purple snakeskin
with patent yellow swoosh and sticky red outsole. boom !

mrs w was well wrapped up against the cold
this was not the xmas day in seville she had planned, but it was a great day.
she sat on a bench and watched as the wildlife in the park approached her for food.

not the best shot i'll grant you, but this little chap approached and i fed him
some dairy milk chocolate

this creature would not be fobbed off with a chunk of chocolate
and we ended up having to feed her roast turkey, potatoes, stuffing and some sort of vegetables. she even hung around for xmas pudding !

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