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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


a few weeks ago i had a food shoot at the new hakkasan in mayfair.

i thought it would make a tasty change from showing photos of me posing in a restaurant,
shots of my trainer collection or coffee habit, if i showed you some of the food shots.


let's get this one out of the way first
some sort of salad i guess. grrr !

i thought this looked interesting
but i didn't try it afterwards as it was about 8am

this was very nice ( i got to have a taste afterwards )
the things on the right reminded me of the stuff that goes in the bottom
of a goldfish bowl... the look, not the taste.

woah... that's magic !

this green effort was surprisingly good
see... i do eat my greens sometimes.

puddings are not really my thing, but if i was hungry and i had a coffee
to go with it, i reckon i could have had a good go at this...

i had a little try of this...
though the black thing reminded me of a sponge and the yellow pieces of glass
were a bit off-putting, they did taste really good.

my favourite thing to photograph and to eat was this...
it's a big glass with a chocolate lid. maybe an orange piece on the lid too.
can you see what's inside the glass ? pieces of fruit maybe, some sorbet,
chocolate sauce, biscuit type stuff and... smoke !

you crack open the lid to tuck in and...
the smoke comes out. you inhale the smoke then wade into the 
amazing dessert, which also has the taste of the smoke with it.
it was like a harry potter dessert. pure genius !

nice one hakkasan, and thanks to emily for looking after us.

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