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Saturday, 18 December 2010

breakfast with the earl

i met up with the earl of stokes for breakfast this morning.
i suggested we try simpsons on the strand or maybe the wolseley.
however, the earl had other ideas...
the walls of this place were wet. i was too embarrassed to get up and
take photos, but the blackboard menu was illegible as the steam had 
completely washed the chalk away and warped the board. you can see the corners
of the hi-vis signs on the counter have all curled up and the whole place was sticky.

marvellous !

what the what ?!
the pepper had done a runner. if you click on this pic to make it bigger,
you can see the sticky marks on the vinegar bottle, the sauce bottles and
the filthy salt lid... fantastic !

my breakfast turned up. hmmm...
i swear i ordered chips with this, but perhaps the 'chef' was concerned
about my diet ( what with the olympics being only 18 months away )

as i paid up, i noticed that the 'chef' had made quite a work of art on 
the wall behind the counter using all the sticky labels off the loaves of bread.
if you're ever near euston station... go somewhere else to eat.

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