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Sunday, 12 December 2010

schoolboy error

how many times have i showed you how this meal comes together ?
too many times in one year is probably the answer.
it's a basic three steps to heaven thing.

yet, on saturday night, i got it wrong.

nooooo ! i put the chicken fried rice layer on first...
it was a schoolboy error, and as yet an unnoticed one.

next i put on the jockeys
it looked good, but it was about now that i realised i should have put the chips
on first. i paused for a while to utter some industrial language.

when i'd composed myself i poured on the curry sauce
i mean... it was still edible but in my heart i knew that i'd spoiled this meal.

still, at least i had christina aguliera's appearance on the x-factor to look forward to.
surely nothing else could go wrong this evening ?
it's not as if itv would substitute christina at the last minute with miss piggy is it ?

what ?

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