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Friday, 24 December 2010

nike air force 1 bespokes

i was going to keep these on the d-low but seeing as i'm trying to
reach the 1000 posts in a year mark, i've resorted to blogging any old nonsense
during the past couple of weeks... 

what do you mean you haven't noticed the difference ?

er, anyway... remember my appointment at 21 mercer in new york
when i went to get a pair of bespokes made up ?

well a couple of days ago, i received a rendering of the shoe i designed...

the tip, the toe box, the mid section, the foxing and the eye stay are all constructed
using a dark blue / grey waterproof wool material.

the swoosh, the heel tab and the tongue tab are all in brown crocodile leather.
neither the heel or tongue tab have the nike air or swoosh on them. they have been
left blank, so you just see the croc material.

the lining and insole are in butter soft brown perforated leather, as is the tongue.
it sits on a gum mid-sole and an ice out-sole.

since this rendering was done i have added metal eyelets which are the same
colour as the wool, except that the top eyelets on each shoe will be the same
colour as the laces ( which are the same colour as the gum mid-sole )

i also opted to have some cross stitching on the shoe to break up the sections.

as the mayor said to me at the time... "these shoes are a problem"

i'm hoping these will be with me in time for my birthday ( 13th january )
and i very much look forward to spilling beer and curry sauce all over them !


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