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Friday, 10 December 2010

nike air force 1 borough exclusive ( bronx edition )

a couple of months ago nike dropped the new york borough pack.
a limited edition release of 5 air force 1's each representing 
one of the 5 new york boroughs.

they were designed by dj clark kent, only released in new york and pretty
much sold out in a day or two.

i made my way over to flight club on broadway as soon as i unpacked
and scored myself a couple of pairs. here's the first pair... the bronx editions.

the inspiration for these shoes is from a letterman jacket.
the tip, the foxing and the eye stays for each shoe is finished in wool,
there is a leather patch on the foxing to identify the borough.
the mid panel and the toe box is constructed in a pebbled leather and the swoosh 
is in chenille or towelling, like the letter on the college jackets.
the piping is done in a 3m material and the sock liner is in satin.
the midsole is leather wrap and the whole thing sits on a gum bottom

these shoes are a problem ( as the mayor would say )
an absolute stroke of genius from dj clark kent. they feel like the most
expensive af-1's going yet they retailed for only $135

have a closer look at some of the details...
pebbled leather, 3m piping and wool.

nike borough exclusive tongue tab
metal eyelets

leather bronx patch on heel

chenille swoosh, leather wrap outsole, gum bottom

satin sock liner with bronx print on the insole

special laces too
these are fire !

let's hear it for new york...

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