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Friday, 24 December 2010

portraits in the snow

i did a shoot on friday. some portraits of a businessman for the
financial section of a national newspaper.
he insisted we take all the portraits outside, even though 
it had been snowing overnight, there was ice on the ground, it was
freezing cold and i was gloveless. brrr !

here's one of the second set i did
by this stage i started shooting with my lumix g1 using autofocus.
i did the first set with my leica m9 but after a little while my fingers
became so numb that i couldn't focus... yes it was that cold.
by the way i'm using a quantum flash here with a warm gel over
the front to try and warm up the shot.

the subject was quite a good model and like me he owned a couple of poses.

but he was caught off guard when a builder walked past us and made
a cheeky remark to him... which i think made for a good shot.
my light warms these shots up nicely but trust me it was absolutely
brass monkeys on this shoot. i also learned a lesson and will never
go out on a winter shoot again without taking some turtles.

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