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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

thank you all ( post 1000 )

as my first year of blogging comes to a close, i'd like to say a big thank-you
to everybody out there who has looked in to see what i've been up to.

i guess a few of you out there know me but i'd like to say a special
thank-you to all the people out there who don't know me, in countries 
i've never been to, and in some cases never heard of !

i started using a program in july to let me see how my blog is doing.
below is the map showing visitors for the second half of the year.

it's interesting to know i have a bit of a following in canada and the usa, 
and i am intrigued that i have people looking at me on a regular basis in places such as
 iran, sudan, azerbaijan, estonia, bulgaria, latvia, peru, barbados, china, uzbekistan,
macau, vietnam, south korea, lithuania, serbia, ukraine, chile, sri lanka, thailand,
mexico, philippines, brasil, hong kong, taiwan, malaysia, finland, japan,
singapore and of course... wales.

nos da !

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