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Sunday, 5 December 2010

mark whitfield

as you may well know, i am very handy with a guitar.
my renditions of 'jolene' and 'hey jude' have been described as magical,
and have also been hailed as quite possibly the definitive versions...
( ok, it was me who said those things )

there is however a mark whitfield out there who does possess guitar skills.
he can even play the 'f' chord !

in a jazz club in manhattan at the end of november, mark whitfield met mark whitfield.

here are some of the results... 

mark is an amazing guitarist. he's also a really good bloke.
definitely the nicest mark whitfield i've ever met.

it was fantastic to hear him play.
it was a little bit like watching myself play guitar...
... except mark could play it properly and he also smiled.

talking of which... here's a special offer... two mark whitfields for the price of one.
all together now... " jolene, jolene, jolene jolene... "

many thanks to mark whitfield for meeting up with me.

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