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Saturday, 11 December 2010

cheapest souvenir from new york

it's easy to spend a lot of cash in new york.
a lot of things over there are cheaper than buying them in the uk
and it's possible to get a bit carried away buying 'bargains'

i always like to bring tasteful souvenirs back from my travels ( ahem )
and this time i brought back something which screams new york,
yet it didn't cost me a cent.

have a look at this little beauty
the traditional new york paper coffee cup

it's a design classic
i asked the barista at abraco for a spare cup and he gave it to me for nothing

and now here it is on a shelf at whitfield towers alongside some other tasteful
souvenirs from my travels...

you could always buy the ceramic version 

or you could buy a load of paper cups

wow ! looks like there are quite a few versions out there...

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