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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the invisible man

on sunday i saw the invisible man !

ok, i went to the theatre to see a production of the invisible man.
it was a great show. it was almost 'carry-on the invisible man'
lots of humour that was right up my street.

it was in a theatre called the menier chocolate factory.
they also have a well acclaimed restaurant there.

we turned up an hour early and i had this to drink...
meantime wheat beer. very acceptable indeed.

to eat i ordered up a burger with bacon and cheese and no, repeat no salad
i thought i'd played a blinder here, then a japanese bloke on the next table ordered
the same but with a fried egg on top ! what a genius... they didn't even have
fried eggs on the menu or as an optional extra. he just asked if the chef could knock him
up a sneaky fried egg to top off his burger.

 top work japanese bloke... top work.

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