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Friday, 3 December 2010

la colombe ( again )

on my final morning in manhattan i had a shoot in soho.
afterwards i walked to la colombe to grab a coffee. this time there was
space inside for me to sit, enjoy my flat white and take a few photos.

this is the view of the interior of la colombe from where i sat
it's next door to supreme on lafayette street. very nice interior with a bar along one side,
benches and tables along the other wall, a mural on one wall and a big mirrrrrr*
on the other wall. there's my flat white right infront of me.

here's a better view of it
damn, it was a good coffee

here's the mirror which was behind me
yes, if you can find a seat, this is a good place to hang out at and maybe do a bit of people watching. you never know who might pop in for a coffee...

i know, i know, i was on a slow shutter speed here so you can't tell, but this 
bloke striding in for a coffee is quite a player in the new york scene
does the name aaron bondaroff mean anything to you ?
maybe i should ask if the name means anewyorkthing to you ?
how about a-ron ? the downtown don ?
hmmm... well if you have a minute you could read this article about him

aaron is the creator of one of my favourite brands, anewyorkthing.

i left him to it while i enjoyed my flat white but after a few minutes the place got busy
showing my style, and being a gentleman, as soon as i finished my coffee i got
up and left so that somebody could have my seat...
( a special grrr ! goes out to the patrons of joe and the art of coffee at this point )

* i think mirrrrr is my favourite american word

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