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Saturday, 25 December 2010

xmas day in the morning

xmas day morning... coffee-time
with a sneaky cinnamon biscuit. good start.

jess made some mini smoked salmon bagels
salmon bagels are not really my thing

but this passing meerkat thought they looked ok

while the ladies tucked into the bagles, i started on these
absolutely genius macaroons, curtesy of m.l.o and o. ( thank-you )

jess then treated us to her impression of javier bardem

while i tried on my new contact lenses

time to open a few presents. first thing i opened up was this...
a scary santa dunny which was from o and o. ( thank-you )

mrs w received a scarf with a built-in hole
it wraps around the neck and one end of the scarf passes through the hole to fasten.
could this be the end for the curse of the whitfields ?

like a little kiddie, i was fascinated as much by the wrapping paper 
as i was by the presents
jess came up trumps with genius wrapping paper as usual !

what the what ?!
i like the way the magazine point out that the bloke is ogling salma hayek's front.
then again... where was he supposed to look ?

after spending a good 45 minutes looking at salma hayek it was time for another coffee
this time accompanied by a mince pie.

more xmas day fun to follow...

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