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Thursday, 2 December 2010

walking from supreme to the knishery

the other day i was at supreme on lafayette buying a cracking winter hat,
when i got the munchies real bad... i had a craving for a knish.

so i started walking towards yonah schimmel's. on the way i saw...
two characters posing in elizabeth street
i've no idea what they were up to.

i saw this very nice painted wall
but their delicious food could not tempt me. i needed a knish.

i walked past this old butchers
true... it was indeed fast approaching turkey time

a nearby shop had a different take on the 'yes we're open' sign
much nicer than some versions i've seen in good old london town.

around the corner i spotted some posters for a film which has not opened in the uk yet
and one which i don't think i'll be going to watch when it comes out.

in the end, this was a good sign to see
it could mean only one thing for me...

a jalepeño and mozzerella knish !
boom !

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