snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

day trip to somerset

i do like a nice roadtrip. 
yesterday a magazine sent me to somerset on a shoot.

i left whitfield towers at about 5am.
i have no idea where this was but i remember it was breakfast time.
also i was the only person in the cafe not wearing hi-vis clothing.
this was called the 'olympic breakfast' 
i find it very hard to believe any olympic athletes would eat this though...
unless perhaps darts is now an olympic sport ?

when i got to the location i put on my coffee face as i let slip that i'd driven from
london and that i started my journey at 5am...

this brought the response i'd been hoping for...
" oh, would you like a coffee ? "

boom !
it was as strong as you like... perfect !

i photographed the restaurant interior with my leica m9 using a 18mm lens
but i also did a few shots for myself using the gf1. here's one of them.
a view from the mezzanine down towards the ground floor, taking care that
i got the reflection of my kicks in the shot.

as an xmas bonus i did not one, but two self-portraits...
i like this shot as you can see all three levels of the restaurant... and me

and finally
black cashmere uniqlo jumper
marc jacobs studded belt
evisu jeans
nike air force-1 bobbito garcia premiums
( with glow-in-the-dark laces )


  1. Grr can't believe you've driven passed our door again and not at least thrown a snowball at the house!

  2. m3, a303. is that past your house ?

  3. ah OK no... forgot you londoners do the west country via a strange route.
    So a thousand apologies and next time your heading west on the M4 we're near Bath.

  4. can you promise me a flat white ?

  5. I can promise one but it's not a promise i can keep.
    I can promise generous hospitality and poor coffee sorry :o(

  6. love the look of this place!