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Thursday, 2 December 2010

stumptown coffee roasters

as you may know, i'm officially boycotting starbucks.
even thought there was a branch 2 minutes from the pod hotel
i was determined to stay away and sample some good coffee in new york.

i showed you a couple of days ago, my first decent flat white in manhattan...
now let me show you the next place i visited...

it is located in the lobby of the ace hotel and is called stumptown coffee roasters
it's at 18 west 29th street between 5th and broadway

there was a big queue inside, which i took to be a good sign. behind the counter were
four baristas. now i know this is not a great photo but i just wanted to show you
how the baristas looked in action...
they all wore really stylish hats. trilbys, fedoras, pork pies ? i don't know what they
were but they looked so stylish it was untrue. three of them also wore old-fashioned waistcoats, and they all had pencil moustaches. it was like having my coffee made
for me by a team of models. really friendly lads too. not too cool to talk or to be polite.

this is the flat white i had
shshshshrrr... it was off the hook !

here's the view of it as i stood at the bar inside ( there are no seats or tables )

here's the view i had of the interior from where i stood by the window
you can just see the queue snaking around the corner into the hotel lobby

and here's the view behind me. coffee and stuff.
stumptown coffee gets two enthusiastic thumbs ups from me


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