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Sunday, 26 December 2010

xmas presents

what does father christmas bring for the man who has everything ?

well, this little lot turned up with my name on it...
bingo !
my favourite smelly stuff.

i also received this little pile...
interesting... very interesting

can you guess what this is ?
it features illustrations of three of my favourite things...
1. a flirty woman with a fan
2. a man wearing tight purple trousers
3. a dead bull

on the other side it has these photos...
only the spanish could come up with something like this

well, if you didn't know already, here it is opened up slightly...
a big-ass book of matches... perfect !

also from spain... seville infact...
an orange krink paint marker... once again, perfect !

a badge featuring my favourite animal...
the gentleman fox

and this...
it's all about the packaging and the smell really.
fantastic old school illustration and typeface, plus it has my second favourite smell
after acqua di parma...
that's right, it smells like a magic tree !
( supposedly it's vanilla flavoured sugar, but to me it's magic tree crystals in a packet )

finally, satisfying my love of foreign packaging and porridge...
i had to salute when this bad boy fell out of salma heyek's boobs !
a packet of instant porridge from russia

many thanks to father christmas and the whitfields.
it was a very happy christmas at the towers

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