snapshots and observations

Monday, 20 December 2010


my friend g-film manages a band called sets, who have just signed
a deal with a record label... nice one g-film !

the other night they played their first gig in london ( they're from leeds )
i went along to watch them and to take a few shots.

there's g-film on the left of the frame
this was during the soundcheck, when he dressed the stage with balloons

dominic is the lead singer
he was rocking the 'future sailor' look

jess plays violin and sings
on tuesday night it seemed like dom and jess were running the show.
they were fantastic at both playing and performing.

what is it with bass players ?
is it me or do bass players always seem a bit aloof ?
do you want to be on stage or not mate ? face the audience and act like you're 
part of the band*

here's a shot where you can see all five of the band
naturally the bass player is hanging back a bit here.

now i don't know much about music but i know what looks good or interesting
to photograph, and my suggestion to g-film and to sets is...

get the bass player to stand right at the back next to the drummer.
drum and bass together... that makes sense right ? the bass player could even sit 
down if he wanted to. it might look interesting.

then bring the keyboards girl in from the wings so that the front line is 
girl boy girl... violin, singer, keyboards.

i reckon dominic flanked by the two girls would look knockout
and drum and bass could do that rhythm thing in the background.

job done.

* ben from rival joustas is obviously not included in this bass attack


  1. talking of bass players my husband walked past you twice on Sunday but and smiled politely as bass players do but some aloof photographer was too aloof to say hello - boom boom!

  2. really ?

    that certainly sounds like me. please apologise on my behalf to your husband.

    then again, when i met him at your house he was always in the background, and i only saw the side of him.

    but seriously, i do apologise. he should have said hello. you know i like nothing more than to chat with fellow musicians !

    happy xmas you lot x

  3. Next time I'll get him to speak to you! He's quite shy like quite a lot of bass players are which might explain their general behavior. Personally, i think a girl can't go wrong than marry the bass player - NEVER the singer and keyboard players are mad and drummers......(a bit thick....)guitarists.......not baaaaad but the bass player wins. MERRY old jollies to you too Mr Whit. x