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Thursday, 16 December 2010

sketch pop-up cafe at the royal academy

on saturday i took a trip to the royal academy to check out the new pop-up cafe.

it looked a lot better than when i photographed it the previous week.

and the cakes looked very tempting
the things on the right were some sort of cheesecake. i would be back to these later.

for starters though, well this little chap looked interesting
like a lemon and lime rubiks cube... what's not to like ?

i ordered one up straight away and took it to a table outside in the hall
i can't stress how tasty this thing was. grrr !

mrs w had this 
i've no idea what it was. 

within a minute my lemon and lime rubiks cube had gone.
mrs w stared at my empty plate then stared at me with eyes that seemed
to enquire " how did you eat that so quickly ? "
before she could ask i had a brainwave and said " a big dog ran in and eat it "

so i sneaked back into the cafe and bought a cheesecake...
i won't lie... i wasn't impressed with the cheesecake. i should have just bought another
of the lemon and lime cube things

anyway, the sketch pop-up cafe is a very stylish place. check out the benches and cushions
made from burberry trenchcoats.

the art on the walls of the cafe was a bit good too. this was the print above our table...
it looks like a bad time for you schiffer !

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