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Sunday, 5 December 2010

the mayor

i met some really good people in new york.
however one of the people i met was quite possibly the nicest person i've met all year.
ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the mayor.
the mayor is quite simply the man. he practically owns the game.
his collection is the truth.

for those of you that don't know him. he is one of, if not the major player 
in the sneaker game. he owns over 1000 pairs of nike air force 1's alone
supposedly he has quite a jordan collection too and when i quizzed him
he admitted to owning about 20 pairs of adidas and a few pairs of puma.
all in all he is reported to own well over 2000 pairs of kicks.

the mayor drove for over an hour to come and meet me, just to say hello,
to talk about the trainer game ( and to pose for a few pics )
it was the first time we'd met, yet he greeted me like an old friend.
he was polite, humble and is absolutely passionate about sneakers.

here are a few shots i did of the mayor in the bespoke room at 21 mercer...

i'm still touched that the mayor came out of his way to meet me.

by the way, while we chatted he designed himself a couple of pairs of 
premium af1 i-d's and explained to me the reasoning behind his designs.

you can see short video clips of the mayor talking about his collection on youtube
i really recommend watching some of his videos. particularly the ones where
he talks about the nike bespokes he designed himself. he's quite a character.

cheers mayor !

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