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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

lace swap

i'm getting ahead of myself here. i'm shortly going to show you some laces i
bought in new york. very tidy laces they are too.

ok, i appreciate that this post is about as exciting to you as the one about my kitchen
shelves which even my special boy found to be boring...

or the post which i almost lost the will with because even i found it boring...

but, as the sharper eyed viewers will have noticed, i'm on a mission to try to
do 1000 posts in 2010 so excuse me if quality goes out of the window this month
as i try to pad my blog out with even more nonsense than usual.

so... as i was saying...

with the new laces ( which i haven't shown to you yet ) safely installed in my
nike af-1 year of the horse bad boys, i had the laces which used to be in them,
going begging. they are very special laces mind, so i decided to set them up in
my bobbito garcia af-1's
there they are... they are a kind of off-white colour laces. white with a tiny hint of green.

they look very sweet in daylight, but when the lights go off they really kick...
boom !

and you thought this would be a boring post...

what ?


  1. well whatever it is, it made us to appreciate your idea of purchasing glowing shoes...:D..a smile is all one wants in life and your post had been successful in making me smile.

  2. woah... nice one. i'm glad i made somebody smile.

    did you ever see this post ?

    or if you type 'glow in the dark' into the blog search at the bottom of each page you will find further evidence of my love for all things which glow.

    thanks for your comment.

  3. OK you know I'm no expert, but for me the method of lacing doesn't do this justice.
    Have a google for "straight bar lacing". OK so I'm biased it's how I do all my laces but I do think it looks so much neater.
    If i was 'Merican I guess I'd end this comment with "YMMV"

  4. straight bar lacing does look neater but it generally means that you are left with too much lace left over at the end... which can get messy, even after a double bow.

    thanks for the ymmv thing. i'd never heard that before. i like it.