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Thursday, 2 December 2010

flight club

flight club is a genius place. it's kind of pricey, but you can find the most 
amazing and rare kicks there.
check out some of the af-1's
i've got 8 of the af1's in this pic, but this day i was there to buy a pair for
a friend of mine who i'll call "credit"
he wanted the brooklyn editions from the boroughs pack... in size 14 !

while the assistant sent two people down to the stockroom to try and
carry the size 14's, i took the opportunity to take a few pics of flight club.

here's another view of the af-1's with people browsing

and looking down from the af-1's into the rest of the shop

and from the end of the counter. kicks on the left, caps and t-shirts on the right
what's not to like ?

after a while the box of shame arrived... size 14's !
i had to throw a load of clothes and camera equipment out of my bag to make
room for these bad boys, but still, they are absolutely fire. 

( they were only released in new york so "credit" will probably be the only 
person in london sporting these... apart from me )

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