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Friday, 9 September 2011

saturday stuff

last saturday i walked around the corner to pentonville road and...
hello hello hello...

i thought they'd get the hump with me taking a photo but they didn't seem to mind.

it's funny. seeing policemen should make you feel safe, but seeing these boys it felt
a bit scary. i think something was kicking off at king's cross station but i didn't
investigate... i just hopped on a 17 to the department of coffee and social affairs.

at the department of etc, etc i saw chris for the first time since i attended his coffee school.
i asked him for a flat white...
and as ever, he came up with a gem.

after coffee and lemon drizzle cake ( not pictured ) i walked to the west end
spotting some graffiti by my namesake once again

in fact, twice again...
i wonder what his story is ?

i swerved over to the paul smith shop in floral street where i was tempted...
by all three of these olympus trip 35's in various snakeskins...
but then again, could i really be bothered to use film again ?
hmmm... maybe i should just buy one for display purposes only ?

they do look very tasty... hmmm leave it with me.

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