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Monday, 19 September 2011

breakfast on the a1

you know my style by now...
when i'm on a road-trip i don't call in at the motorway service stations
to get ripped off with expensive rubbish food.

no, i sneak onto an a-road and look out for a union jack flying proudly in a lay-by.

during the drive up north the other day i helped myself to a trucker's breakfast...
...he wasn't very happy about it and in the end i had to buy my own ( i thank you )

myself and la niña ordered up at the counter then sat down to look at the redtops.
what you're looking at here is my two rounds of bread and butter, la niña's b&b
and my ( instant ) coffee. ( note that we were waiting for 87 to be shouted out )

5 minutes later, an eastern european accent shouted out '87' and lo...
2 fried eggs, double bacon, sausage, beans and a hash brown.
outstanding !

like my nan used to do when i was little, the chef had cut all the nasty fat off my bacon.
what a gent !

( if only i could get mrs w to do that too... and also maybe cut my bacon up into bite size pieces as well ? )

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