snapshots and observations

Thursday, 15 September 2011

new york, november 2001

looking back at my old prints to find the 9-11 pics, i did find a few gems 
from the new york shoot in 2001 

grrr ! 
you have no idea how much i dislike the old 'photographing yourself in the mirror' routine.
then again, it was a good mirror in the hudson hotel, with lights on all four sides.
( by the way, i'm wearing a long sleeve stüssy t-shirt and a reversible stüssy
beanie which i still wear ten years later.
the leica minilux i still have too, but i haven't used it in years )

what the what ?!
posing in my bedroom at the hudson hotel wearing the stüssy reversible beanie,
a mambo shirt, tommy hilfiger underwear and some house shoes i'd just bought
from barneys.

looks like myself and alan batter were papped leaving the hudson hotel
grrr ! just look at my barnet... my hair was jet black in 2001.

( prada shades by the way )


  1. jet black ey. it still can be -

    it's a pleasure...

  2. why does this make me think of the stereo mc's? or perhaps fun lovin' criminals...

  3. craig david + yossi benayoun = mark whitfield circa 2001