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Friday, 23 September 2011

new assistant

well it had to happen...
g-fog has left n7 and gone to uni.

so today in a very exclusive members club in the west end
i did my first shoot with a new assistant, a friend of la niƱa.

as you know, i don't like to deal with real names... i'm all about the nickname.
she offered me up a few to choose from and i think i'm going to go with...

... ro-lo

so, here she is, flashmeter in hand... ro-lo.
ro-lo is quite funny. she lies a lot ( which i like ) she lives in the bermuda triangle
( which i don't like ) 
she doesn't like me driving in the bus lane
even at a time of day when it's not a bus lane, prefers £10 notes to £20 notes,
doesn't agree with my views on socks and she thinks she knows more about jazz
than i do... ( ok, in fairness she probably does know more about jazz than i do )

she's very good to work with and hopefully we'll work together again soon.
nice one ro-lo

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