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Thursday, 22 September 2011

nike mag back to the future

did you see all the press about the nike mag...

... the shoe from back to the future part two ?
i gave some thought to bidding on a pair but the price was outrageous.
also the fine print said that they were not recommended for wearing !

funnily enough on sunday after the final day of these being for sale on ebay
i saw a pair in a shop in marylebone... here they are...
good old nike eh ? 

and from the back you can see where they light up
with a little screw in bulb.

what ?


  1. not reconmended for wearing? who on earth would buy a pair of trainers and not intend to buy them?!


  2. are you sure about the way you phrased that ?

  3. d'oh! i r retarded. you know what i meant...

  4. yeah i know what you meant.

    in fairness i have a few pairs of kicks in my collection that i don't intend to wear, it's like collecting art in my opinion.
    in fact one pair i own was actually exhibited at the victoria and albert museum. ( nike year of the dog af-1's )

    but apart from a few exceptions, i pretty much buy all mine to wear.
    my guidelines are that i only buy kicks that i like and that i would use...
    the nike mags i didn't like and even if they were fit for wearing, i wouldn't be seen dead in them.

  5. The Air Mags and the footwear in the window look like twins!