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Sunday, 18 September 2011

more stuff for me ?

another delivery turned up at whitfield towers today
dagflabbit ! it feels like christmas in n7

let's have a butchers at what's in the bag...
how fetch !

and let's break it down...
you know i love hair product right ?

what the what ?!
with my welsh / spanish genes i have no need for fake tan,
but mrs w, being of irish descent... well maybe i'll just wrap these
bad boys up and give them to her for christmas ?
or do you think she reads this and i'll get found out ?

now this is definitely for me
tangerine ? that's like orange right ? and you know i like orange.

woah... excellent bottle
i especially like the top

yes... i respect wood

what can i say ? many many thanks to james for sending these over.

you're a star.

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