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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

iphone pics

here are 5 pics that were kicking around on my iphone.
usual quality ( roll on iphone 5 )

1. a hooded top i spotted in hideout
this would be perfect for my friend the earl... it even looks like him
down to the purple lips from living in stokes hall during the cruel winter months.

2. the view from my season ticket seat at arsenal
just as liverpool celebrate scoring their second goal.

3. art in a cafe in dock street

4. a screen grab of the lyrics to an old welsh love song
as i'm deeply welsh, i love the sea and i'm a romantic at heart, this is the perfect song
for me... even when duffy is singing it !

5. the scene at my usual table at the millennium cafe this morning
what's worse is that there were only two cups alongside all this sugar !

sweet times in n7

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