snapshots and observations

Saturday, 17 September 2011

up the junction

on sunday afternoon we had a last meal with la niña before we kicked 
her out of whitfield towers.
we went to the junction, a corking pub on fortess road.

to be honest, the highlight of the meal was dessert time.

a raspberry pavlova for mrs w

and an apple and cinnamon crumble with ice cream for me and the baby
sweet times in n7


  1. Wish we were enjoying some cuisine in N7 instead of Ecuador - the food here isn't great. But yes, we are in Ecuador so hopefully this helps fill in another country on your global site traffic map :) Michael and Leigh-Anne

  2. woah !

    thanks for that you two. i'm flattered that you're checking me out on your tour. nice one.
    in return i've been following your tour blog from whitfield towers in sunny n7.

    thanks again.


    ps. i don't suppose you're passing through uruguay are you ?