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Friday, 16 September 2011

vin diesel

james is top man. he's a funny man, an interesting man and a very kind man.
( he's pretty much like me except he's funny, interesting and very kind )

i had a shoot with him in the sanderson hotel last week.
nice to see sammy silver making himself useful.

here's one of my head and shoulders efforts
shot using a 50mm f1.1 on a g1 body ( so the lens plays as a 100mmm f1.1 )

we made a bit of a mess in the room...
but it could have been worse as i was in one of those uncoordinated moods
and i kept banging into things and knocking things over... maybe i needed coffee ?

last shot of the day...
g-fog and james.

now wait a minute... you know how i don't like real names... i much prefer nicknames...
now what can i call james ?

er... maybe i'll call him vin diesel ?

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