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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

self-portrait in sw19

what have i done to deserve this ?
another shoot in south london... this time in wimbledon.

in fairness it was quite a decent drive and i was photographing a very interesting pub.
as ever, my first thought... well my first thought was to have a coffee, but my
second thought was to shoot a self-portrait...
commes des garçons polo shirt
marc jacobs trousers
medicom bearbrick / nike air force 1's

as a bonus, i also took a self-portrait while i was staring daggers at my coffee
i think you can see from this pic that i wasn't impressed with the coffee.

still, a couple of hours later i was sitting in melrose and morgan ( north london )
with a flat white and feeling very happy... though still maintaining a look of misery.

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