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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the london design festival

yesterday marked the start of the london design festival.

those nice people at my favourite shop ( no, not crystal kebabs )
twentytwentyone, invited me to an evening event at their n1 superstore
to mark the re-launch of the robin day reclining chair

nice invitation by the way... corking photo.

 i really like the chair. it not only looks good but it's very comfortable too.
the two things that hang down the back of the chair are weighted and hold the
headrest in place... a very nice touch

here's another look at the headrest thing
cracking material on this one. it almost looks a bit tweedy don't you think ?

you can see the headrest again here and also the beautiful wooden arms
easily wide enough to rest a kebab on one and the tv remote on the other...
( oh and your arms of course )

not to mention a cheeky beer
you can even kind of get a bespoke version of this chair...
well, you can supply your own material, which is a good idea don't you think ?
i'm definitely up for a harris tweed chair with a union jack headrest.

as ever with twentytwentyone, the evening was very well styled, with lots of
vintage pieces alongside the new, or re-released reclining chair
some robin day chairs from 1951 ( i think )

and more robin day chairs...
from back in the day... absolute genius.

wow ! just when i thought i was bringing the most heat to the party...
i spotted some dame wearing a pair of nike zvezdochka's... 
the marc newson designed bad boys.
fair play.

i also noted the staff's badges used my photo of the robin day chair
maybe i should have asked for one ?
it is a cracking photo if i say so myself.

these made me think of my friend sarah who does restaurant pr...
can you guess why ?
they are posh birdhouses by the way made from decent wood and with a slate roof.
one is a georgian townhouse, the other victorian.

one last look at the chairs before myself and mrs w headed out for fish and chips
if you have a few bob spare and you fancy a new chair... a classic design
that is as comfortable as you like, i would seriously recommend you take a trip
to sunny n1 and try the robin day reclining chair.

twentytwentyone. top people, top shop.
top evening.

oh... and they've just bought the shop next door
which is a good move, replacing bad coffee with good furniture.

maybe next year they'll buy the shell garage too ?
anyway, if you're ever in the area it's well worth a visit to twentytwentyone.
they sell all sorts of furniture, lighting, books, watches and what not...

... if only they sold coffee !

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